15 amazing Royal wedding moments that many fans could have missed

Get ready and put on your best gown because it is time for a Royal Wedding once again! This seems to be one of the last Royal Wedding we will see until the little princes and princesses grow up and start to date, so is up to you to enjoy it at its fullest. Here we will show you 15 amazing Royal wedding moments that many fans have likely missed, but we want to make sure you were able to catch them.

1. David Beckham took a moment to pose with a fan.

But she was not just any fan. The girl is Amelia Thompson is a survivor of the Manchester bombing. She was given special invitations to attend to the wedding and she chose to bring the grandmother of one of the victims as her plus one.

2. Prince Charles walking the bride halfway down the aisle.

Meghan's father was not able to attend to the wedding, so Prince Charles was announced to be the person who gives her away to Prince Harry. Meghan walked half of the aisle with Prince Charles by his arm, and the other half b herself. She wanted to make a statement  about her independence, as no one was "giving her away".

3. All the adorable bridesmaids and page boys arriving. 

Meghan chose not to pick her page boys and girls amongst her friends, but instead selected 5 little girls, including Princess Charlotte as a flower gorls, and a pair of twins to carry her train.

4. Absolutely everything Princess Charlotte did. 

Princess Charlotte stole the show at her uncle's wedding. Being just a three-year-old an having the tallent to steal the spotlight is just plain perfection. Lets see what she will do when she is older to start getting up to real shenanigans.

5. Meghan's excited, bashful smile upon joining Harry.

That smile means everything!, Nervousness, excitement, love and that joy that brings to see your man seeing you for the first time wearing your wedding gown. It was beautiful.

6. She really didn't need to worry at all.

On the other hand, Prince Harry was having some reassuring thoughts for her. And that lip bite at the end just said it all clearer than his words.

7. Followed immediately by a case of the giggles!

It is common to have the giggles. Everyone has those giggles at their wedding. It is difficult to keep a straight face when you are there along with your partner embarking on the journey you've been waiting for. 

Plus, they may have been remembering this moment from Prince William's wedding.

It is harder to be the man at that moment when you force yourself to not turn around and see her comming down the aisle.

8. How excited the boys carrying her train were.

The beares were as happy as if it was their wedding. The bearers were seven-year-old twins Brian and John Mulroney, sons of Meghan's best friend, Jessica Mulroney. They are also the grandsons of Brian Mulroney, former Canadian Prime Minister. 

9. The Mother of the Bride, Doria Ragland, was overcome with emotion the whole time.

Meghan's mther teared up the whole ceremony watching her daughter getting married and achieving her dream to be in a fairy tale, but in real life. What an amazing story!

10. Harry awkwardly helping Meghan with the veil.

That awkward moment when you got to help your significant lover to lift the veil over her head and it gets stuck halfway through her face. Ouch, That must have hurt Harry. Everyone is watching you.. Literally everyone is watching you.

11. How Harry teared up a little bit during the ceremony. 

Imagine what he must be thinking at that moment? The happiness of being able to marry the one you love, feeling your mom by your side, spiritually. And most importanly, being able to achieve your dreamed fairy tale ending all men deserve to have as well.

12. Harry and Meghan holding hands and smiling at each other while listening to the sermon.

Having those little moments of intimacy while they are marrying is a precious thing, and show how much they love each other. Those little glances between each other are so cute!

13. When Bishop Michael Curry promised to wrap it up because "We got to get you all married."

His whole sermon was gorgeous. He new he was there to spread some love and knew how to respect the bride and groom and was able to not still the show in this ocassion.

14. The overwhelming cheers when they came out to greet the crowd.

The day was perfect for the wedding, which seems to be a very good prediction for them. The sunlight made her Givenchy gown look even whiter and more spectacular than what already was.


This is the icing on the cake, just the best part of the wedding and what we all were waiting for. That intimate kiss with their eyes closed and flinching the face wanting to make the moment more intimate has to make every woman on earth go weak on the knees.

Was I the only one thinking this whole wedding was a breath of fresh air, with all those personal details they included in the ceremony? Such a sweet moment in life. And even it was not my wedding, it was a beautiful moment to witness.

Have you catched any of these moments on the live trasmission of the wedding? Share it with your friends and let us know.

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