15+ Hilariously Brutal But Honest Titles That Change The Way You See Famous Movies

Every time we watch a movie poster we tend to imagine what the movie would be about but is almost certain that after watching it you would be totally against the original idea you have made from the poster. Here we will show you a list of hilariously brutal but honest titles that changed the way you see famous movies all over the world. Thanks, for the Internet.

17. Old Navy. How can I add more to explain those simple-yet-powerfull words?

16. How To Keep It 300. The whole struggle of having just a few men, all almost entirely naked, and showing their six-packs all over the place just to make you feel the grandiosity of a battle that ended pretty quickly.

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15. It's a Movie Within a Movie. The best kind of movie, in my opinion. It is like killing two birds with one stone. Save some movie in the theatre and watch two movies in one!

14. 2 Harsh?  They have the same amount of movies than Harry Potter saga, and the story is not even finished yet.

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13. Less Than Meets The Eye. A bunch of sounds effects all blasted in a movie that does not say much at the end. 

12. Captain Virgin America. He is the most faithful and reliable man when it comes to celibacy. Even more than the priests.

11. Kicking It Old School. Racism is bad in any way you decide to look at it, but when it transforms into love at the end of a movie, people seem to think of it as it was worth it.

10. Don't Sea It. Not even Halley Berry or Liam Neeson can convince me to watch this movie.

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9. Money Balls Of Steel. Taking advantage of the ones admiring us is something low to do. This movie made me feel angry for days.

8. Sob Story. When a bunch of toys makes people cry more than Titanic, and The Lion King mixed together.

7. Bill Of Sale. Bill Murray seems to be the only good thing about this movie, and I can certainly understand why.

6. Sacha Baron No-en. The same disaster as the first one, or even worse. It is still shocking to think this was a franchise.

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5. 'Dances With Wolves' (In Space!). This just makes me laugh. It was so dull and predictable as it can be.

4. Lucky Leo. Every movie he is in since Titanic can be called the same. Thank god he got the Oscar already.

3. George Luc Ass. After leaving Star Wars franchise, leaving this one is not that hard, but it breaks almost the same amount of hearts.

2. Dark Humor. When Bane is the main character and all he does is make fun of everything in his dark and creepy voice.

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1. The Last Shyamalan. If this is the level the movies this director is going to do from now on, it is best for him to stop for good. Right. Now.

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These movie titles are as funny as truthfully accurate, and that is what makes this whole thing even funnier, don't you think?

It is impossible to like every movie that comes out every single time, but when the movie gets all predictable or is all hype and nothing else to back it up, it is just disappointing. Just enjoy while you can, and it is okay to laugh and make a little fun of the ones you don't like.

Image Credit: pexels.com

Image Credit: pexels.com

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