15+ Hilariously Brutal But Honest Titles That Change The Way You See Famous Movies

Every time we watch a movie poster we tend to imagine what the movie would be about but is almost certain that after watching it you would be totally against the original idea you have made from the poster. Here we will show you a list of hilariously brutal but honest titles that changed the way you see famous movies all over the world. Thanks, for the Internet.

17. Old Navy. How can I add more to explain those simple-yet-powerfull words?

16. How To Keep It 300. The whole struggle of having just a few men, all almost entirely naked, and showing their six-packs all over the place just to make you feel the grandiosity of a battle that ended pretty quickly.

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15. It's a Movie Within a Movie. The best kind of movie, in my opinion. It is like killing two birds with one stone. Save some movie in the theatre and watch two movies in one!

14. 2 Harsh?  They have the same amount of movies than Harry Potter saga, and the story is not even finished yet.

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