Brothel owner wins Nevada assembly seat after his death

Dennis Hof won the seat by a landslide vote against his opponent. The problem is, the famed brothel owner passed away three weeks ago.

According to NY Daily News, Hof's name remained on the ballot following his death. The country clerk's office put up notices of his death throughout all the polling stations.

The 72-year-old pimp died on October 16. Prior to that, he had captured the hearts of several Nevada residents against opponent Lesia Romanov. He won by almost 70 percent against her.

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Hof called himself the "Trump of Pahrump" in reference to his town. The Republican candidate ran sex ranches for a living.


He was found in an unresponsive state by Ron Jeremy, an adult film star, at Hof's Crystal Love Ranch. They called 911 at around 11 a.m. When law enforcement responded, they later confirmed Hof's death.


The assembly seat remains vacant following the election results. The county commissioners will fill it with a fellow Republican living in the district.


This isn't the first instance of a deceased candidate gaining the majority of the public's vote. A pattern of plane crashes rendered several candidates dead soon before their election.

Way back in 1962, Clement Miller won the vote in California for a third term. Sadly he had passed away due to a plane crash.

Ten years later in 1972, Alaskan Nick Begich and Hale Boggs disappeared in a small plane three weeks before election day. Both won their seats which were filled by Don Young and Boggs' wife Lindy later on.

Mel Carnahan of Missouri died in a plane crash in 2000. He still gained majority votes, defeating former governor John Ashcroft. Jean Carnahan replaced her dead husband but subsequently lost the seat in 2002.

And in 2002, Patsy Mink passed away from pneumonia weeks before she won a reelection campaign. A special election put Ed Case in the House seat instead.


Voting a dead candidate into power is not the weirdest thing these midterms have seen. A highly controversial campaign video was released by the President himself.

President Donald Trump approved an advert within a week before the midterm elections. It featured a convicted killer and illegal immigrant named Luis Bracamontes.

The campaign clip implied that the Mexican caravan on its way to the border would include murderers like him. The video was labeled racist and divisive by many.

Illegal immigration is one of the most significant issues that has surfaced during Trump's presidency. It continues to be a sensitive matter.

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